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  • Faucet Normal Faucet
    Ceramic Tri-spoke Handle Faucet (Gold) ...
  • Water TankOur company provides a wide range of quality water tank products for drinking water and various kinds of constant pressure water delivery.
  • UV Lamp As an experienced UV lamp manufacturer in China, we also provide water tank, inline tank water purifier, commercial water purifier, RO membrane elements, among others.
  • Filter CartridgeOur company provides a wide range of filter cartridges for various water treatment equipment, including melt blown polypropylene filter.
  • HousingOur company offers a wide line of plastic filter housing and membrane housing. These products are widely used in a variety of water treatment devices.
  • FittingsOur company supplies a wide variety of traditional threaded connectors and quick connectors for customers to choose from.
  • Other Small PartsIn addition to parts like faucet and filter cartridge, our company also provides many other small parts for water treatment equipment.


As a China-based water treatment equipment manufacturer, We also supplies side stream RO membrane, RO water purifier, under sink RO water purifier, RO membrane elements, and much more.

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